Stop Gambling

Stop Gambling Focuses on Balance and Responsibility
Online casinos have made slots, table games, sports betting and poker accessible to anyone who has access to a computer and an Internet connection. The fact is in this day and age you can be a player any time of day or night. That means that players must know when to stop gambling. Here’s a general overview of that concept.

Basics on When to Stop Gambling
When at an online casino there are many reasons to stop gambling. Here’s Stop Gambing’s short list of when and why you should call it a day or a night at the online casino.

• When you lose your stake.
• When you’re ahead.
• When you’ve got a run of bad luck.
• When you’re tired.
• If you find yourself playing emotionally.
• If you are bored or not paying attention.
• If you’re on automatic pilot.
• If you are inebriated in any way.
• If you’re rushed for time.
• If you’re getting angry at other players or the game you’re playing.

Remember, the idea here is to stop for now and play another day. You want to use your smarts when you’re gambling and then means when playing and when deciding to stop for awhile.

When to Start Again
Once you’ve decided to stop gambling the question is when should you start again. Here’s some sound advice for those who enjoy online casinos.

• Wait until at least 18 hours after you’ve stopped.
• Make sure you have the cash to gamble.
• You must be focused, awake and sober.
• When you are feeling well.
• When you have the time.

If You Can Stop Gambling, You Can Start Again
The fact is if you can stop gambling, that means that you’ll be able to start again. It is about control, responsibility and smart gaming. Don’t push the limits or bet more than you can afford. And once you’ve increased your bankroll by 25%, it’s probably time to stop and live to play another day.