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There’s no better way to be entertained online but through live dealer games in online […]

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Chat With Your Casino Dealer Live

There’s no better way to be entertained online but through live dealer games in online casinos. There is no reason to play with an imaginary dealer because now, you can even chat with your casino dealer live. That’s the magic of live online casinos, where your casino gaming experience is substituted to the full. The live dealer concept was initially born in 2003, when PlayTech launched their product under the formal name of Live Gaming. It revolutionized the online casino concept, and was an instant hit. The goal was to make sure that the casino environment was duplicated even when the players are at their respective homes. And considering this goal, it is safe to assume that they succeeded.

The live dealer games had several features. It had a live video streaming of the actual game that the player is playing. Full audio can also be heard. The sounds include the dealer’s voice, the sounds of balls spinning, the sounds of cards being dealt, and other background noises from an actual casino, making the gaming experience seem more real than ever. The live video concept was also a big improvement from the imaginary dealer, the animated card dealing, and the computer-generated game results. If you decide to play a live dealer game, the dealer is right there before you. You can see him, hear him, watch him deal your cards, and the best thing is that you can even chat with your casino dealer live! This is made possible by the powerful live chat feature that brings you as close to the dealers as you can get.

The live chat feature is part of the casinos’ customer service or support system. Most online casinos that offer the live dealer games offer the live chat feature. This means that you can chat with the dealer anytime, at any point in the game. And since it is a live chat feature, you can fully expect a response. The live chat feature is already integrated into the software and the game window itself. The game window of a live dealer game consists of a computer-generated image of a game table where you Hewlett Packard Enterprise play and make your bets. Then, there is a small video feed of the actual game happening in an actual casino. The video feed is live, of course, You can adjust the volume of the sounds as well. Each video streaming is numbered with a specific game number. Below the video feed, there you will find a small space dedicated for the live chat feature. You don’t need to open a new program or a new window to chat with the dealer. You can chat with him even as the game is going on.

The live chat feature can be very helpful, especially for beginners. You can ask questions to your casino dealer live during the game. This feature considerably improves the legitimacy of the online casinos you play at. This gives you a way to contact the casino at any time. Best of all, it enhances the gaming experience. It cannot possibly get any better than this. Or maybe it can. Let’s just wait and see how much farther the concept of online gaming can get.

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